2018 AMVQ Gala

Event design at Palais des Congrès

Last April, AMVQ entrusted us with audiovisual design of its 28th annual conference. For the Gala, our lighting transformed the Palais des Congrès into a high-end discotheque. To conclude the evening, Glam Showband’s killer performance was highlighted by dynamic video contents powerd by our VJ. For this event, we created a distinctive universe and captured the electrifying emotion of this recognition evening.

Production Team: Martin Blanchet, Christel Richer, Pierre Roy, Raphael Bernatchez, Steve Martin, Nicolas Lavoie, Normand Germain, Marc Pronovost, Jessica Di Raddo,
Jonathan Desrosiers

  • Design of electrifying evening atmosphere
  • Projection and video content
  • Technical and artistic direction