Desjardins Enterprises Seminar

Event design in collaboration with OPC Events

In collaboration with OPC Events, we participated in the conception of the 2018 Desjardins Enterprises Sale Force Seminar. The first mandate was to make participants live an experience and to create a rallying effect. To respect this promise, we built a 360 plenary with stands around a central stage and screen. We also designed a hexagonal screen referring to the Desjardins logo to allow guests to have an impressive view of presentations and speakers. Using Desjardins branded carpets, we connected the audience to the stage to create a closeness effect.

We had the challenge of transforming the dining room located in a large empty and cold place. To avoid the traditional round banquet tables, we opted for an installation of rectangular tables to encourage exchanges amongst participants. We also suspended 64 industrial lamps above tables to create an inviting ambiance. We finally gave a creative touch to this interactive evening by designing, with help of plexiglass bars, a huge projection surface behind the stage.

Photo credits: Jet7Média