Audacious charity event

IRIC - OPC Events

For the 6th edition of the Audacious charity event, organised by the University of Montreal’s Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC), close to 400 guests headed to Windsor Station for an evening under the “spring garden” theme. In collaboration with OPC Events, we were tasked to cover all the audio-visual requirements for the cocktail and the Gala, but also to add a creative element to the scene. The goal was to create a soft and charming spring vibe. To do this, we harnessed the brightness of the location by installing a round all-white scene with a circular structure hanging above. The room walls were adorned with accessory-matching rose curtains that bathed the room in an aura of lightness. Also, to evoke the spring, discarded shades were covered in foliage and suspended in the center of the scene. All in all, subtlety, sensitivity and purity were the hallmarks of this evening.