Inauguration of the new palletizer robot

On September 20th, we had the immense privilege of participating in the inauguration of the new palletizer robot at the Lumen distribution center located in Laval. During this evening, more than 2,000 people came to visit the site, and thanks to our team, we greatly enhanced the warehouse and its new automated robotic installations. Being avant-garde in his field, Lumen is at the cutting edge of technology, it' with this perspective in mind that we  worked on the visual of the event. We started  by integrating 2 giant screens on both sides of the stage and a large LED screen behind it. In addition, to enhance guest experience as they arrived, we created arches in a bridge structure, where a red carpet was waiting for them. And, in the distance, one could see the company name written with the help of JARAG lights. Creativ Nation made Lumen's warehouse unrecognizable. In short, an event that fans of the electric sector in Quebec will never forget !