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Daring to explore the unexplored, shaking up standards, driving the experience. This is what fuels the Nation.

  • Awards gala

  • Fundraising

  • Congress and seminar

  • Annual sales meeting

  • Conference and symposium

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  • Launch and brand activation

  • Annual general meeting

  • Team-building event

  • Press conference and public consultation

  • Festival, performance, comedy night


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Our team is committed to providing personalized support throughout your project, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re being kept in the loop every step of the way. We’re a multi-talented team with one thing in common — we’re all passionate about event and audiovisual production. We want you to feel supported from beginning to end, confident that our team is working seamlessly with yours to make your vision a reality.

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Say goodbye to the endless back and forth of traditional agencies, and hello to precision and efficiency! Thanks to our expertise, your content will be designed by the people who use it, for a guaranteed immediate impact. Let our creativity shape your story and turn every presentation into an immersive, captivating visual experience.

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Take advantage of our top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment, and organize your events with confidence in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec. Our extensive inventory allows you to make an informed choice based on your budget and expectations. Contact us to discuss your project, our team is ready to help. We also offer delivery, setup and tear-down service, along with qualified personnel to make your event a success. Visit our online store to discover our latest products, like the ZONDA 9 FX, our Absen LED wall panels, our GrandMA 2 Full Size lighting console, and our ARRI SkyPanel S60-Cs for your TV shoots

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Our team focuses on personalized support, allowing you to benefit from comprehensive and reassuring guidance at every stage of your project. It brings together a wide variety of talents and individuals passionate about event and audiovisual production. For us, it's essential that you feel supported from start to finish, knowing that our team works in synergy with yours to bring your vision to life.

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An approach

What differentiates us from other agency? Our comprehensive approach allows you to offer a quality effect that suits you perfectly.


Agility is a philosophy that is part of every aspect of our work. We believe that the more brains the better. That's why we prefer teamwork and creating inspiring connections between your teams and ours, to imagine concepts and events that truly meet your needs.

Inflexibility has very little to do with our approach. Our adaptability to change allows us to meet every challenge and ensure our installations withstand any storm.


An outstanding event is an event that not only meets your expectations but rises above the fray, marking the imagination and meeting the industry's highest standards. Our team of experts ensures your complete satisfaction and your event's success. How? By raising their own expectations about their work and always pushing their limits a little more. Begin the adventure in total confidence.


We are fuelled by creativity. It is at the core of every single event where we create unforgettable experiences.

What's our secret? Putting the most creative minds in the service of ideas, no matter how extravagant, and giving them life within our studios and using our sophisticated equipment. Are you ready to create incredible immersive experiences with us?


You are unique and your event should be as well. That's why we ensure that it exactly meets your real needs, by capitalizing on a methodology primarily focused on listening to your expectations and objectives: whether strategic, organizational, creative or a happy medium.

Our expertise is solid, and we offer you a unique formula: your own! Truly customized, measuring up to your ambitions.


From day one to P Day, one thing that doesn't change is our transparency. All the information concerning our project is accessible, for every member of the team. Whether to remind ourselves of the briefing points, consult creative ideas or be up to date on the current operations, we ensure that everyone is always on the same page. We believe in sound project management, and information sharing is part of it. By acting in total transparency, we also mitigate risks, manage costs better and ensure we obtain quality results.

We also believe in transparency to our clients. We see it as an essential factor for an event's success. Because we want to create this in your image, we must ensure we keep you informed at every step of the process. Unjustified costs? Decisions made without your knowledge? This doesn’t happen with us, because you'll be updated in real time about your project's developments. When you join our family at the Nation, you become more than our clients, you become partners.

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