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A United Nation

A source for creation

We’re a close-knit nation and we put our shared passion at work to come up with grand, creative ideas. We dream big and create thrilling, unique experiences.

We think outside the box and produce mind-blowing projects

The Nation is a team of many talents, but we all have one thing in common: a passion for what we do. Our team works with you to push the limits and innovate, creating memorable, unique events.


We don’t work for you. We work with you to drive your project to success, making a place for you in our Nation. We’re partners you want to work with.

Our secret: close collaboration and ongoing support, so that you truly feel like we’re lightening the load for you.


Everybody knows that you can’t enjoy yourself when you feel uncomfortable. That’s why we believe it is so important that you feel at ease and able to share your ideas and opinions with us.

We’re committed to creating a trusting, long-lasting relationship with you from the very first day we start working together. We’ll be by your side through the whole process, from creation to the day of the event… and we like to stick around after, too!


Invested Ideas, passionate individuals

Meet the members of our Nation

The members of our Nation are fuelled by their passion!
Every day is another opportunity to create, make progress, and innovate.

Pierre Jean

Chief Executive Officer

Anne Malenfant

Vice-president, Sales and Marketing

Geoffroy Garnier

Vice-president, Operations

Erwan Dufour

Director, Business Development

Josiane Leblanc

Project Manager

Mathieu Robert

Project Manager

Stephany Roy

Graphic Designer & Content Creator

Marie-Ève Éppelé

Human Resources Coordinator

Alexandre Brochu

Audio Coordinator

Pierre-Luc Gauthier

Lightning, Staging and Rigging Coordinator

Valérie Haddad

Social Media Manager

Simon Pagé

Warehouse Manager

Armand Valiquette

Warehouse Clerk

William Jean

Warehouse Clerk

Patrick Bourdon

Warehouse Clerk

Stéphane Lemay

Procurement Manager

What fuels our enthusiasm

Experience the Creativ adventure with us!

Being part of the Nation means operating on a playing field where the only limits are the imagination and where new players are more than welcome.