Pierre Jean

Chief executive officer

Pierre Jean, CEO and founder of Creativ Nation, is passionate about the industry, seeking not only to deliver innovative experiences, but also to exceed the expectations of his clients.

In the late 70s he founded his company, first offering a disco-mobile service. Very quickly, several other services related to entertainment are added to its offer, including audio-visual. Thanks to his passion, his determination and his unique vision of events, Pierre was asked to organize the prestigious Stanley Cup party in 1993, at Patrick Roy's place. Today, he remains a source of inspiration and motivation for his team. For him, nothing is better than the well-being of his employees, being surrounded by his family and enjoying a good glass of Scotch!

Michael Litresits


Seriously, Michael has music in his blood. For him, art is not only a passion, but an extension of his personality. It is with great gratitude, and very conscious of his luck, that Michael gets up every morning with the happiness of living a waking dream. Music and art make him what he is today, a passionate and true man. As music is reflected in every aspect of his professional and personal life, he knows how to offer a unique experience and a highly personalized approach, regardless of the circumstances.

At Creativ Nation, Michael has found not only a family he is proud of, but also the opportunity to grow and leave a tangible mark in the world of entertainment.

Daniel Gadoua

Director, Business Development and Client Relationships

Daniel is an unrivalled advisor for everything related to management, customer needs and event logistics coordination. Proactive in his initiatives and his follow-ups, Daniel has very much at heart the satisfaction of his clients. To ensure that they have access to a high quality service, he is very available and personally ensures the success of all projects entrusted to him.

As part of the Creativ Nation team for more than 10 years, Daniel has built an expertise specifically oriented to the needs of its clients, and this by being very resourceful and original when constraints are emerging. The realization of a project, whatever happens, will always succeed. Wondering where Daniel is on his spare time? Hint: fishy water!

Anne Malenfant

Director, Business Development and Client Relationships

In love with life and the good things it can offer , Anne is a great epicurean and a gin lover! Tableware, dishes to share and evenings around the fire are an integral part of her life and she loves spending her special moments surrounded by her loved ones.

Every day, she does not hesitate to seize the opportunities that present themselves to live new experiences and grow. Different trips around the globe have forged her personality and developed her ability to adapt to all situations! A problem you say? ... There is always a plan B, C and even D.

Having made her way in the event industry for over 15 years where she started at Juste pour rire, she knows that each project is unique and requires passion and commitment. Her passion and optimism make her a colleague who is always ready to collaborate and carry out projects in which she is involved. She is always available for a little chat, to discuss your project or just to know how your day is going!

Jennifer Côté

Executive assistant to the CEO

Simon Martineau

Director of Operations

Simon is described as passionate, creative and perfectionist. His mission? The success of the events he is lucky to collaborate with. Thanks to his past experiences and his involvement in several large-scale projects in television and entertainment, Simon now has the tools and skills he needs to succeed in his various technical mandates.

In his personal and professional life, his thirst for learning allows him to work in several projects very different from each other, diversifying his qualities as operation director. Do you have a mechanical problem? Simon is here. Need a hand for your renovation project? Simon is here. Your computer is playing tricks? Simon is still here. In short, you understand that Simon is the swiss army knife to all your technical problems!

Alexandre St-Pierre

Project manager - Client relationships

Passionate about his work, Alexandre has the eye when it comes time to develop an event concept. Extremely meticulous, he consistently brings the "wow" factor to all of his projects.

Having a great attraction to the world around him, Alexandre is a globe-trotter . Whether it's hiking the highest mountains right here in Quebec, enjoying the hot caribbean sun or backpacking across Europe, we can easily say that he is always ready for any challenge or adventure.

Will you be ready to dive in with him in the design of your next extraordinary event?

Geoffroy Garnier

Project manager - Client relationships

Lawyer by training, Geoffroy fell from a very young age into the world of video, thanks to Auvitec, a family business located in Paris. In Quebec since 2008, he founded the Cavaland Park equestrian show site in 2013 with his wife. He took care, among other things, of the technical direction of the Park. Passionate about new technologies and a self-taught temperament, Geoffroy is also a video chief.

In 2018 he joined the beautiful Creativ Nation’s team as video coordinator. Therefore, he actively participates in the technical design of various events entrusted to the company and is involved in the installation and operation of these. Versatile, he also plays a role as an advisor to the management team when purchasing or renewing equipment. On the lookout for all the news related to the field of video and technology, Geoffroy is a real ally for all projects.

David Desrochers

Project manager - Research and development

Lighting designer by trade, since leaving the National Theater School in 2005, David has worked in the performing arts both in Quebec and abroad. Teaming up with Edgar Bori since 2006, he also joined the tour teams of Théâtre de l'Oeil, O Vertigo, Cirque Éloize and the Ex Machina project of Robert Lepage. In 2010, his path took him to New York city where he worked in television for CNN, AlJazeera America and NBC. His return to Quebec in 2014 allowed him to reconnect with theater, dance and the circus and make new collaborations, notably with the Open Eye Theater, Nadère Arts Vivants, Daniel Léveillé Danse, the Otra Orilla and Compagnia Finzi Pasca . He took part in several major projects including Montréal Avudo, as part of the city's 375th anniversary celebrations and the Fête des Vignerons, a major show presented once per generation in Vevey Switzerland bringing together more than 5,000 extras!
David is passionate about technology and the place it can take as a creative engine. He is constantly looking for new ways to push the limits of what is possible and to embody ever more daring ideas. He is keen on LED integration and everything related to light.
In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and gardening. When the snow prevents him, he turns to winter sports and goes down the ski slopes with his daughters.

Marie-Josée Desrosiers

Project manager - Client relationships

Marie Josée has been an event coordinator and stage manager over the last 20 years. A diamond in the ruff, seeing that her attention to detail is second to none and she is usually the difference in every successful event. You want to feel supported from start to finish ? She’s your girl ! Her motto is to make sure all is covered while remaining calm cool and collected. A truly passionate individual who is a true pro from head to toe. And …. If you’re lucky you may be privy to her legendary sense of humor!

Pierre-Luc Thériault

Technical coordinator

Having started in the industry as a sound engineer, Pierre-Luc quickly evolved his skills palette by bringing creative ideas to the projects in which he was implicated. His passion and curiosity of the audiovisual world led him to constantly question, think and innovate, making himself a dynamic and stimulating addition to all projects. It is in fact those very qualities that led him to the technical director position with Creativ Nation.

Pierre-luc is very passionate about his profession, he will never be stopped by obstacles, only seeing them as an opportunity to surpass himself. He has been a staple in the Quebecois Music and comedy scene for the last 5 years and can’t wait to find all kinds of projects to take his craft to the next level.

Alexandre Brochu

Technical Director - Maison principal

With more than 15 years of experience on an impressive variety of events, shows and tours, Alexandre is the audio coordinator that all teams would like to have. It's a luck he's part of the Creativ Nation’s team! No matter what type of sound equipment, Alexandre is your man. For him, sound is part of his life. As a multi-instrumentalist musician, he is always ready to make noise! But be careful, this does not prevent Alexandre from enjoying breaks into the woods, so he can enjoy small moments of well-deserved silence!

Pierre-Luc Gauthier

Lighting and Rigging Coordinator

Very imaginative, Pierre-Luc can do almost everything. From the manufacture of a piece of furniture integrating a sound system that can offer a unique sound experience, to imagine the best way to highlight it with lighting, Pierre-Luc meets the challenges with brilliance. How? By not forgetting to hum happily!

Jérémie Bélisle


Jeremie had his start with Creativ Nation as an audiovisual freelancer. His integration into the team was quick and his great attitude and work ethic became quite contagious for all. Jeremie is quite versatile and loves working in diversified fields of av. Foh sound, Led wall technician , truck driver, technical director, you name it, he’s willing to dig in !He is passionate about av and is ready to implicate himself in whatever facet that will take us to the next level. Stand by for more on what is sure to be an amazing story with Creativ Nation.

Christel Richer

Stage Manager

Christel was only 3 years old, but already the entertainment industry was at the center of her life. Starting dance at school at a very young age, she assures, when she grows up, the stage management. Self-taught and with no specific training related to the profession of stage manager, Christel develops her expertise through the events she participates. Professional with an atypical career, she is proud today to sign the management of several important events, both in Quebec and internationally.

Leaving her comfort zone does not scare Christel. She loves to discover the world, backpack on her shoulders. Whether as a stage manager or FOH, Christel will be there to ensure that your event always meets your expectations!

Francis Perron

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and web programmer, Francis is in charge of the creative mandates of the company as well as our website and intranet. Going through marketing agencies and then entrepreneurship, he has honed his skills and become a major asset at Creativ Nation. Greedy for new trends and self-taught, he likes to add strings to his bow by learning different computer languages, such as HTML, CSS and JS. What also makes Francis turn his head are thrills, the outdoors activities and more recently, cryptocurrency.

Amélie Plamondon


Pragmatic coordinator, Amelie is conscientious and has an innate sense of organization and duty. In recent years, she has been fortunate enough to experience many journeys around the globe, forging her ability to adapt to the most extravagant challenges. She is both cerebral and artistic, loving people and passionate about life. Amelie is the one who knows how to gather people and transmit her optimism easily.

Simon Pagé

Warehouse Director

Simon has always been a very hardworking person, with clear goals in mind. He has quickly risen through the ranks of Creativ Nation and is today proudly the warehouse manager. Thanks to his natural leadership, his iron will, his perseverance and his big arms, Simon is a great asset in the team! Passionate about all-terrain vehicles and nature, Simon is a true natural!

Armand Valiquette

Inventory Manager

Armand has been our inventory manager for more than 5 years. His sense of organization, his meticulousness and his resourcefulness allow him to be operational and efficient in his work. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Armand became interested in the performing arts as a high school student while working at his school's auditorium. Nature lovers, he likes to enjoy his free time to walk around. Also a family man, Armand prioritizes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging his daughter in his sporting aspirations and participating himself in several races.

Stéphane Lemay

Supply Manager

Stéphane is attentive and considerate. He is our supply manager and makes sure you have everything you need, at all times. Efficient and fast, he is the person to go to in order to get something in particular. At Creativ Nation, we call it our footed Wikipedia, although he finds himself less accurate. His interest and desire to always learn new things, everything and nothing, make him a reference. Constant learning is not his only occupation. Stéphane also enjoys reading and outdoor activities, such as kayaking!