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18th Annual Dîner Olo


Fondation Olo

This virtual benefit event, produced in our studio, raised $223,000. It was an evening of solidarity and excitement. Thank you to the 280 or so people who participated virtually in the event!

Élyse Marquis was an expert host, and there were several surprises in store for the guests gathered on our virtual event platform, Creativ LIVE.

Photo credit: Marc-Antoine Zoueki


A heartfelt thank you to the entire Creativ Nation team. Once again, they made Dîner Olo, our culinary benefit, a memorable event! This was the second event in a year that we organized together, and both were a success! Each time they provided an exceptional studio and a professional, available, friendly, efficient technical team, so we felt supported throughout the entire preparation process and during every moment of the event itself. Long live our fruitful collaboration, I look forward to holding other events together!

Patrick Lopez

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