Néo, the latest addition to our family, is a turnkey solution for the production of your virtual event. Directly from your phone, Néo brings the magic wherever you are. Like a game board, he allows you to navigate on the platform of your virtual event in augmented reality.

For an event that reflects your image and your organizational values, Néo is customizable and offers almost infinite possibilities. He can take many shapes and colours: sky’s the limit, it depends only on your imagination!

The Néo experience

For a virtual event that reflects your image: your event, your Néo

  • > Before the event, your audience will receive Néo by mail, directly at home.
  • > Néo will be designed in the shape of your choice and will be accompanied by any extra or additional accessories tailored to the theme of your event.
  • > When your event is finally launched, the participants will then be able to navigate with Néo using an augmented reality mobile application to access the content.
  • > All the contents of your event will be accessible live or on demand.
  • > Néo also offers your audience the opportunity to interact with your panel speakers and other viewers.
  • > All these features are available depending on the package you choose.

Selection of packages

For an event that meets a variety of needs

  • > Virtual event platform that can gather up to 3,000 participants simultaneously
  • > Live happening
  • > On demand conferences (pre-recorded)
  • > Live chat between participants and speakers
  • > Chat room with a virtual lobby (general chat in each conference)
  • > Voting and polling
  • > List of conferences
  • > Conference agenda
  • > Plug-in through which participants and speakers can book appointments
  • > Platform configuration (custom interface)



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