We are proud to present our new artistic director! Audrey Ejdelman 💙

Learn how she can use her talents to enhance your event! Audrey blends art and innovation to create unforgettable experiences. 💡🎨

Concretely, though, what does an artistic director do, and what skills does she need to excel in her art?

Infinite vision and endless creativity.

😍 Our artistic director excels with her holistic vision. She blazes unexplored trails, turning concepts into masterpieces. She develops innovative ideas and translates them into captivating visual experiences, thinking creatively and imagining unique concepts that make for one-of-a-kind events. This leads to magic, exceptional moments that dazzle our senses.

Techno-artistic expertise.

💻🎭 The perfect blend of artistic talent and technical skill! She can handle software, modelling, and 3D with ease, bringing custom concepts to life for your event, based on the project’s needs.

The spirit of leadership, collaboration and inspiration.

🤝👩‍🎨 Audrey excels at conveying her ideas and working with our diverse group of resources and partners. She rallies eclectic teams together, producing creative harmony. She doesn’t just act as a guide: she shares her vision with the team to form a symbiotic relationship, and convey her vision to motivate and align the whole team.

Flexibility and adaptability.

🌐 The audiovisual and scenographic world is constantly evolving, and can be hard to keep up with. Being an artistic director means keeping in step with change, embracing new trends, and turning challenges into opportunities. Flexibility and versatility are essential assets for staying relevant and innovative.

Emotion and beauty in all projects.

🎭💓 In our projects, we aim to evoke emotions and share a story. Audrey has a deep aesthetic sensibility, which, when combined with our cutting-edge equipment and team, will elicit a wide range of emotions in your participants.  This sensitive artist transforms visual elements into palpable emotions. Light, colour, and composition come together to tell stories that touch our hearts.

Masterful time and resource management.


With tight deadlines and limited resources, our art director juggles time and resources with rare elegance, creating visual miracles with our team of project managers, all in a timely manner.

What are you waiting for? Why not design your next event with her, and with our team? To learn more about Audrey and her background, view her biography here: https://creativnation.com/en/the-nation/

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